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How to be the best friend ever

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Every ladies know that the bond between best friends is a strong one. Even among your close friends, there will be some you seem closer with. These are your best friends. 
You share a lot of secrets with best friends, even those that should be classed personal. Friendship requires a lot of tips so as to keep the relationship going without any issues that could probably end it. 
One of the tips is to stop competing with each other. 
Every ladies is equally talented and pretty in their own way of doing things. There is no need to be jealous of one another because that jealousy could bring about an end to your hard-earned friendship.
Another tip is to always tell her your sincere opinion about whatever she wishes to know. To those who think apologizing to someone you have wronged is hard, you are probably right. If you want to know what is harder, trying telling the truth. There are some friends who would like more than anything to know how you truly feel about an issue. Mind you, when doing this, you have to be careful of how you present your views to her. Let's take for an example. A friend of yours happens to bake a cake and she gives you some to taste. After you tasted it, you found out that she didn't bake it properly like she should have. Instead of you to tell her straight to her face that the cake was not properly baked, you can just clue her in on how to improve her baking skills. Mind you, you have to be careful when doing this. 
Never stop with the compliments Give her sincere credit and compliments if you really like or appreciate what she’s doing. This doesn’t mean you have to like all her pictures on Facebook, but everyone likes to hear a nice word every now and then. Friends pay attention to each other, even if it's something small.
Celebrate together A good friend happily celebrates her friend’s achievements. If your friend gets the highest grade in school, congratulate her and celebrate! This is true for any goals she has been working hard to achieve, not just grades. She put the work in and now you can both be proud of the results!
Supporting each other and being there for each other is what keeps your friendship bond strong, and makes it stronger. Be the best friend ever.

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