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Sarkodie And Trigmatic Turn Herty Borngreat Into A Rapper Read

Monday, 22 October 2012

Sarkodie And Trigmatic Turn Herty Borngreat Into A Rapper

When gospel artiste Herty Borngreat featured Sarkodie and Trigmatic on her album, it became talk of the city as to why a gospel artiste should collaborate with secular music artiste. As everything is done for a reason, same did she have her reasons for that. Herty has been on most stages performing without the any of the two artiste she featured. She was seen at the RTP alone without any of the two artiste she featured on her album.

Last Saturday at the Saba hall week at the University of Ghana was a splendid performance staged by the gospel artiste. For the first time in the history of the University, there has not been any performance from a gospel artiste during the artiste night of a hall week celebration. The gospel artistes are usually billed to perform at the gospel rockshow which is usually to commemorate the week long celebration.

Herty who appeared on stage last Saturday with full energy rapped perfectly as Sarkodie and Trigmatic would have done if they were to be performing with her. She didn’t miss any line of the artistes she featured on her tracks. From the “Wa”, “You know say money know be problem” and all the noise that Sarkodie made in the song she made sure everything was on point. Herty after the “kano seyaa” which she featured Trigmatic was followed by “bebree” which she also featured Sarkodie. She was able to move the crowed for them to rap after all the lines BET award winner Sakodie rapped. Herty hinted that, she aimed at wining souls for Christ with the songs thats why she featured those artiste so that she could get the chance of performing at any event to spread the news.

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