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10 Greatest Womanizers in History and Number of Women they have Slept with- pt1

Friday, 9 November 2012

                                            10. Jack Nicholson-Sexploits: 2,000 easy rides
Kim Basinger said of Nicholson: “He is crazy! I haven`t met anyone so obsessed with sex like him!” The veteran actor would agree that that’s a fair summing up of his sexual proficiency.When asked how many children he has fathered, he responded to the interviewer: “There could be 9,000 for all I know – I used to live so freely. Women are never enough for me.There were days when I used to go to bed with four or more. But none of them can take away my freedom. Until the end of my days I’ll remain a bachelor!”
Nicholson’s youthful excesses are well documented. “I’ve slept with all women, I’ve tried every single drug and all kinds of liquor!” he has said. The womanizing never got in the way of his stellar Hollywood career, though, as he’s won 3 Oscars and been nominated 12 times.
The 73 year-old has admitted that he is starting to wind down now and feels a littleconspicuous hitting on young women. He also apparently only uses Viagra when he’s with more than one lucky lady. And there are still quite a number of women queuing up for Nicholson’s attentions: “Happily, when it comes to girls hitting on me, I’m not undernourished.”

9. Hugh Hefner-Sexploits: 2,000–5,000 bunnies bedded
Surely the most famous of today’s lady-killers, Playboy entrepreneur Hugh Hefner is probably the most unsurprising entry in this list. An accurate figure for the number of his sexual conquests is difficult to nail down, but estimates range from 2,000 to as much as 5,000, and not just women either – Hefner freely admits to having bisexual liaisons.
Hugh Hefner opened his account at an unexpectedly late age of 22, but since he launched the first issue of Playboy in 1953, with Marilyn Monroe’s image gracing the front cover, he hasn’t looked back.
Even today and well into his 80s, he is rumored to keep a bowl of Viagra next to his (well- used) bed and even provide them for his guests. He still has orgies twice a week with various playmates, too: “I have slept with thousands of women, and they all still like me.”
Sexploits: 2,000–5,000 bunnies bedded
8. Julio Iglesias-Sexploits: 3,000 seƱoritas serenaded and then some
Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias is known for his love of the ladies almost as much as his romantic music. It is oft-reported that Iglesias has made sweet, sweet love to more than 3,000 swooning women, a figure that the singer himself doesn’t contradict: “That probably was until 1976,” he said, “so they didn’t count the other women.”
The Iberian Romeo started early, too: “I love the girls like crazy, really, like crazy, since I was 4 years old.” Well, his dad was a gynecologist so it must run in family.
For Iglesias, sex is just as natural and commonplace as the red wine he loves: “I am intensely erotic.
For me, sex is as vital as sleep. I do it through desire, through necessity, but always with joy. I am a lover for sure. I love to be loved.”
3000 women bedded
7. Ron Jeremy-Sexploits: 4,000-5,000 porn partners poked
Over an amazingly successful career that has spanned decades, porn star Ron Jeremy has sexed his way through thousands upon thousands of partners. The ‘hedgehog’ has starred in more than 2,000 skin flicks and is quite possibly the most famous male porn star ever to have thrust himself into the limelight. If there was ever to be a king of porn it would be Jeremy, and if accounts of encounters with him are to be believed, he’s a rather nice fellow to boot.
He makes up for his short stature, chubby physique and hirsute frame with a penis that measures almost 10 inches long and a legendary sexual stamina (he once had sex with fourteen different women in four hours). When asked about his and Gene Simmons’ (entry number 6) conquests he said:
“We both say between four and five thousand, which is true. But he’s a rock star – they’re doing him because they like him. They’re doing me because it’s a paycheck. Or, the other line is, he gets girls that look like his Playboy playmate wife, and when I’m not making movies, I get girls that look like Gene Simmons.”
Sexploits: 4,000-5,000 porn partners poked
6. Gene Simmons-Sexploits: 4,600 crazy, crazy nights
He’s sold over 100 million records, never been married, and counts Cher and Diana Ross among his tally. He claims that none of his partners have ever complained, even when he tells them he wants to bed their friends or relatives.
“I have not heard a complaint. That’s because I am straight with them. I don’t lie, like most men do. I will tell a girl I want her and desire her, but I’ll tell her straight, ‘I want your sister and your mommy as well’.”
It must be his famously prehensile tongue: “It’s ironic that I’m mostly known for my tongue which is a hideous thing. But it’s every girl’s best friend – no batteries required.”
Rivaling Ron Jeremy, the KISS frontman alleges to have had fornicated with an estimated 4,600 women (many of those while he was with girlfriend Shannon Tweed, who doesn’t seem to mind). Apart from an insatiable sexual appetite, Simmons has some home-grown
philosophy behind his enthusiasm for the ladies:
“The male species manufactures billions of sperm – it’s our duty to do what the Old Testament says, which is ‘Spread Thy Seed’.
“The only problem with women is that they think all those sperm we make is just for them. But the honest truth is it’s not. I would urge all guys to stop lying to women.”
Sexploits: 4,600 crazy, crazy nights
5. Charlie Sheen-Sexploits: 5,000 hot shots
You’d have thought that being an attractive Hollywood movie star with a famous family, huge properties and a substantial bank balance would be sufficient to bring enough womento any man’s door to satisfy his loins. But not Charlie Sheen. Sheen was famously named in the Heidi Fleiss Hollywood prostitution scandal as one of her most regular clients. He certainly has a soft-spot for the ladies – in fact it seems like he cannot get enough of them, and his reputation as a serial philanderer seems well deserved. Aside from frequenting ladies of the night, it is alleged that he heavily indulges in internet porn (according to ex-wife Denise Richards – they split after he allegedly told her she was among the hottest 1,000women he had slept with) and still manages to make headlines with his raucous hotel-based antics5000 women

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