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Monday, 29 October 2012

AS much as the organisers of Nigerian Idols reality show want it to be, this edition may not be as exciting to followers as the last if information reaching R that Charly Boy is yet to be committed to the project is true.

alt The weird one it was that brought excitement to the show midway last edition with his many stunts which were “plain stupid”, “awesome” and “mind blowing”, as reported by the media.

Till date, CB is still receiving bashing from parents who were shocked at the manner of his dressing during the recording of one of the auditions. CB later said he was only expressing the feminine side of him by bringing Linda on stage. Plain stupid was the judgement of many. At the end though, the reported judgement of many did not matter, the stunt drew global attention to CB and Nigerian Idol.

Many were awe-stricken when CB appeared on stage during another episode of Nigerian Idol when the almost-70 years old CB introduced Missi, a python, on stage during an edition of the programme. Even Jeffrey Daniels was frozen to his seat as he was “petrified” by the 5-foot reptile.

CB blew the minds of many as he walked to the venue surrounded by three masked ladies he called his ‘Charly’s Angels. All these added up to the massive hits Idols received from viewers. Of the 5 million hits at the end of its all, CB drew over 60 per cent of the followers.

Caught off guard by CB’s antics, some officials of the organising company expressed shock at his audacity, but quickly admitted that the stunts paid off.

Probably to avoid a repeat of CBs unexpected stunts this time around, the organisers are yet to agree terms with Charly, though his name was included among judges in press releases sent to media houses weeks ago.

Sources told R in Lagos during the week that others had been attended to, but only CB was still left out.

“Even a new judge has been added to the trio of CB, Jeff and Yinka Davies, but CB is yet to be fully on board,” she said.

She would not disclose why though, but recent media reports had it that CB’s fee had been reduced by some people, and he is aware of it”.

Spokesman of CB, Alloy Adoi Alli, told R that his boss “can be said to be in, and also not in, on Nigerian Idols. It depends on what they agree soon that will determine anything.”

Report had it that contrary to the promise made on September 19 by the organisers that there would not be any change of cast for the third edition, “the latest scoop is that Charly Boy is on his way out”.

CB allegedly demanded for N30 million before he could enter the race in search for the next Nigerian Idol.

CB was not at the media launch of the Nigerian Idol Season 3 which was held last week. This actually raised speculations over Charly Boy’s return to the judges’ seat.

Information is that talk is still going on to have CB on board as his controversial lifestyle, antics and creativity as judge earned Nigeria’s version of the world’s biggest reality TV show more viewers last season.

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