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Dana Airlines Named Best In Nigeria?

Monday, 22 October 2012

Dana Airlines Named Best In Nigeria?


Information reaching our desk indicates that Dana Air was named best domestic airline in Nigeria by FAAN. FAAN is the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria and according to them Dana Airlines was the best because they paid they dues on time. And oh also because of good customer service.
That’s all it takes right? Money, money, more-fast-car-money-troubles-for-bow-wow/" target="_blank" title="More fast car money troubles for Bow Wow | money. I wonder if they are aware that one of these airlines air-crafts crashed and killed over 158 people in July. Or for the fact that they paid they dues on time they had to neglect maintenance issues.
Anyway, the award period in consideration spanned over 2012 though but we at still believe that they do not deserve the full-list-of-radio-and-television-personality-award-winners/" target="_blank" title="Full List Of Radio and Television Personality Award ... - by any far shot considering all the recent happenings in 2012.

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