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Sunday, 11 November 2012

                                FIGHT: FANS vs TONTO DIKE BREWING AGAIN?

Tonto Dike has appeared in our faces again barely a month after that messy fight with fans on the battle grounds of twitter, this time with a tweet not about her music, movies or tattoo, but rather, on the state of her virginity which she’s publicly announced was lost to Mavin crew Boss Don Jazzy.

Her tweet read ‘I got disvirgined by @DONJAZZY” i think this a lil bit Too Much info.’

She is not alone on this thought as a lot of her followers on twitter also think the same way and it’s beginning to generate an uproar. Already Don Jazzy has tried making a joke of it by quickly re-tweeting ‘lol me dat im still a V,’ (‘V’ standing in as Virgin).

Fans, however, are not sniffing the lighter side of this development as many have pounced on the tweet by Tonto alleging she’s going low and desperately trying to remain in the public eye with such tweets. Others claim it was unnecessary, joke or no joke.

As another army of willing fighters grow again, Tonto Dike has thankfully remained silent. This writer hopes she does, for just one counter word from her and another bitter, messy war with fans could begin again. Fans had attacked her in October after she reacted to tweets about her new single. Both sides had called each other names until Tonto Dike stopped responding

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