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US Apologizes To Japan Over Rape

Saturday, 27 October 2012

                                                    US Apologizes To Japan Over Rape

US Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell yesterday told an audience in Tokyo of Washington’s sorrow over the alleged rape of a woman in Okinawa by two servicemen.

The United States yesterday issued its most high-level apology; the latest move to soothe anger at a time of heightened anti-US feeling in Japan.

“I need to begin, if I may, with a heartfelt apology and (the expression of) deep commitment to Japanese friends,” Campbell, the US point man on East Asia, said in a symposium on the Japan-US alliance in Tokyo.

“These incidents are profoundly, deeply regrettable and the United States takes them very seriously,” he said.
The United States put all 47,000 military personnel – both in Okinawa and elsewhere – under an indefinite nighttime curfew in response to the alleged rape, following the arrest of two servicemen last week.

“We continue to work closely with Japanese colleagues to do everything possible to make clear our commitment to… our hosts in Okinawa who support American military engagement in Japan and in the region,” Campbell said.

The rape case came amid already high tensions in Okinawa, which has seen angry demonstrations against the US deployment to the island of the tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft, which local activists charge has a poor safety record.[AFP]

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