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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

                                     Friendship key to loving relationships, research shows

FRIENDSHIP is the main reason that people fall in love, new research shows.

Looks, age, income and religion are much less important, according to leading online relationship site eHarmony. A spokeswoman for the site, Sarah Mason, said personal habits were also not as important as friendship. On a scale of importance, eHarmony’s 790,000 members have ranked friendship as 6.4 out of seven, though more women (92 per cent) than men (82 per cent) consider friendship important.

While not irrelevant, physical attributes are not in the top 10 most important qualities of a relationship. Appearance is most important to people aged 35-49 and the over 50s.

“Overall, less than half of all respondents think physical appearance is an important quality in their partner,” she said.
Recently engaged Preston couple Pip Watts, 32, and Dan O’Donoghue, 29, agree that feeling at ease with each other is the most important thing.

FRIENDSHIP is the main reason that people fall in loveThey met through eHarmony last September and plan to marry in February.

“We had an instant connection and I felt an immediate ease because he made me feel so comfortable and we just chatted away for hours,” Ms Watts said.

“I’d been out with some attractive guys from the site but I just got along so well straight away with Dan. He made me laugh and that was the main thing. It still is.”

While Mr O’Donoghue said chemistry was important, it was not the main thing, especially in the long term.

The Irish-born construction worker said sharing the same values and outlook on life was more important.

“The key to keeping the spark going is to never be complacent and realise that what you have together is the most important thing in the world,”

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